Thursday, September 30, 2004


Ever been for one of those team-building courses?

They teach you about teamwork, trust your teammates and shit like that. Fuck, even I teach all that shit to my scouts. Its supposed to be good, build a good attitude and everything.

But I don't practice any of that shit myself.

Firstly, the thing about trusting your team mates? Look. If my team mates are in incompetant bunch of fuckheads, am I supposed to trust them? If one of them screws up, that makes me look bad. So, no such thing as trusting idiots. Idiots are not meant to be trusted. Always double check what idiots do.

Secondly, you always hear people say, "Don't blame one member of a team. We are a team, we fail together and we succeed together." Bull-fucking-shit. Homer Simpson's logic -- "Why blame yourself when its easier to blame someone else?" Also, if my team flops because of one donkey, why should I not blame him and castrate him? This doesn't make much sense. And if I drag my team through mud to succeed in something, why should I let all the other wankers take all the credit?

This reminds me. When I went camping in August, they asked us to pitch our tents ourselves. Naturally, some people had never been camping before and had no clue how to tie a few knots and everything. Then comes along Vince, the helpful guy to rescue everybody and to teach them stuffs. That's what they said at least. Vince is a helpful fella. He teaches us stuffs even though he doesn't need to.

Bozzo! Thanks for the compliments. But let's get things straight. I taught you how to do this this this cause we sleep in the same tent. If I don't teach you how to do stuffs the right way, and it rains tonight, I sleep in a leaking tent. And I don't want that, do I?

All this teamwork shit really doesn't make much sense. When you are a kid, they tell you to be independant -- depend on yourself, don't expect others to help you. Then, when you grow up, they tell you to work in a group. I don't really understand humans. I should stop teaching my scouts all this crap.

Holy cow, I feel like such a hypocrite now.

*No I don't*


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