Wednesday, September 15, 2004


In today's Star newspaper.

Same pictures in UPSR English paper and workbook

For those of you who are lazy to click on the link, the story basically goes like this.

Malaysia has this stupid government exam for Standard 6 kids (12 years old). Now, one of the questions set in the exam was exactly the same as that of a workbook that some of the kids might have already done.

Obviously, the fucking moron who set the question and blatantly plagiarised from the workbook has a testicle for a brain. Common sense tells you that you only cheat when you won't get caught. Surely the dumb ass would figured out that he would be caught?

Another issue, is regarding our dumb ass politician Mr Moustachio in the article.

Defending MES’s credibility, Hishammuddin said people should not question the syndicate’s experience and reputation in setting examination questions. “This is just one question,” he said.

Hey twit! It doesn't fucking matter whether its one question or two questions or all the fucking questions. Plagiarism is plagiarism. Period. How the fuck can the question setter for a government exam be allowed to do such a thing, and how the fuck did his exploits go unnoticed?

Just wait. When I grow up, and earn enough money, and money is the key factor here, I am going to take over the whole Education Ministry. While at that, I might even take over the government. Then I can flush out all the twits that exist in our society.


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