Friday, October 01, 2004

ask vincent - modern art

Today's 'Ask Vincent' question comes from some dude who calls himself Garfield. He asks :

"What the hell is wrong with people and modern art?"

Gee, Garfield. To be honest, I myself am quite confused by this whole idea of modern art bullshit. What ever happened to old fashioned art? Whatever happened to people going to the seaside and watching the sunset and painting a picture of it?

Its because people got lazy with technology. Throw away the paintbrushes, they say. "Let's use spray cans. Let's take a can of paint and throw it at the canvas and see what happens. Hell, let's not even go to the beach to paint something. Let's do it at home. And hey, I ain't in the mood to think what I should draw. Ok, I've got an idea. I'll just draw crap, and then figure out what it is later."

Take for example, this reknown piece of art created by world famous modern artist Peter Clemenza. Its called "A Speck in Chaos."

There are many interpretations to that. The most popular is that it is literally "A speck in chaos". There is a little red dot in the middle which is surrounded by an array of airbrushed colours. It supposedly symbolises our lives and the turmoil around us. The strong black specks around the whole drawing symbolises evil circulating our lives. But there is hope in the blue cloud around the red dot. It represents hope, faith and more importantly, the power of a prayer which can protect us from all the bad stuffs around.

Another popular interpretation is that the two black lines that seem to form a triangle actually represents the roof of a house. In the house -- turmoil. Parents fighting, and the kid(the speck) suffers from it all. The blue cloud here represents the psychological damage that it is inflicting upon the child. As you can see, the speck is not exactly round. A round speck would represent an untarnished and uncorrupted child. But the cloud has actually eaten into the speck, slowly corrupting him and destroying his childhood.

You see, modern art is drawn by idiots with bad artistic talents but good imagination. They want to draw the portrait of Britney Spears but end up with a portrait of Marilyn Manson. So, the loophole then exists in modern art. They can splash paint all over the canvas as and how they like, and then at the end of it, sit down and think what their painting is all about. Simple and effective.

And, with the affluent society these days, people like to act pompous. And modern art is the way to go. Why? Because supposedly, modern art is only appreciated by very cultured people. People who understand it are the very well exposed type. If you don't enjoy it, you are not cultured enough. Simple as that.

You see, Garfield, problem is, a lot of uncultured people like to see themselves as a very well known type of person. And so, they pretend to like and enjoy, even understand modern art, when in fact they don't have a rat's clue what it is all about. All for the sake of prostituting themselves to be accepted as a cultured person. In actual sense, the only people who understand modern art are the artists themselves. Who can't even paint a sunset.

So, what do I think of Peter Clemenza's Speck in Chaos? I think its shit. I can't understand why its so well known and is regarded as one of THE modern art pieces of all time. But that's just me. If anybody thinks its nice, let me know. I am quite interested to hear from modern art enthusiasts.

I hope I answered your question well enough, Garfield.

*There really isn't any Peter Clemenza*
*Well, there is. He is one of the underbosses in the Godfather *
*I drew that picture in like 10 minutes, using Microsoft Paint*


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