Friday, October 08, 2004

the chicken story -- conclusion

And so it was, that for many many moons the chickens of 3 Doves waged their silent wars, against themselves and against 5 Seas. Just when there looked to be no hope of reconcilliation, along came a cockeral and a chicken which would open the eyes of their fellow villagers.

He was a young chick, no more than 200 moons old (that's young in chicken terms) from the Village of 3 Doves. The charm he extended to the chickens was unrivalled by any cockeral. With feathers as black as the night sky and a crown as red as fire, chickens from all over the Village adored him.

She was a chicken of average beauty. On a bad day, her feathers often ruffled and had uneven patches of colour. On other days, the uneven patches of colour made a glitter in the sunlight presenting a stunning beauty. She was smart, possibly the smartest young chick in the whole land. But besides that, she was an ordinary chicken didn't draw much attention to herself. And, yes, you guessed it, she was from the Village of 5 Seas.

As the story would have it, they met and fell in love under mysterious circumstances, as the details are too mushy for such a macho blog. Needless to say, their love affair was met with strong resistance from both sides.

It was blesphemous to speak of -- 3 Doves' most eligible cockeral and some random chicken from 5 Seas? It could have been any village -- 1000 Smiles or even 2 Helps, but why 5 Seas of all? Why the betrayal? Why the ultimate kiss in the bishop's nose? But he insisted that she was different. "She's not a snob like those others from 5 Seas," he said. Above all, he claimed, she wasn't afraid of losing. It remained unknown till much later on, "Losing what?"

It would be unfair, and not to mention inaccurate to say that she escaped the blunt of the critisism. For in the Village of 5 Seas, critisisms run more viciously and with more sting. "How could you", chickens would ask, "a proud chicken of 5 Seas lower yourself and disgrace your intelligence by falling in love with such a cockeral who by rights should not even qualify for your consideration?" A simple but blunt answer would silence all, "He treats me better than any cockeral from 5 Seas has ever."

And so, the two love-birds (all pun intended) would withstand the test of time, defying all odds, as their love grew stronger by the new moon, and for many moons to come. Chickens from both villages watched in amazement, and began reflecting on themselves. The two lovebirds have shown that genuiene love can exist between 3 Doves and 5 Seas. This would bring new change in the mentality of the chickens.

Happy ending?

Well, after many many moons of courting, the young cockeral surprised all the other chickens. He had finally gave up on play acting. He was not actually any different from any of the 5 Seas cockerals (well, he was better, of course, but only slightly). He was bored of that funny "never wanting to lose" mentality that she had. Apparently, he himself didn't know, "Lose what?". And so it was that the great love affair that was doomed from the beginning was finally doomed at the end. A bitter spat ended with the proud young cockeral throwing all his charm away as he blurted out words of immortality,"A 5 Seas chicken will always remain a 5 Seas chicken!"

*this ain't no ___ (can't think of any love story writer) but its a true story*

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