Thursday, October 07, 2004

the chicken story, part 2

Chickens are generally proud of their own village and hence, a strong rivalry usually occurs between villages. As each village strives to improve living conditions for the chickens, it is then not surprising that sometimes, chickens hate other chickens from another village -- just for that fact only.

Between all the villages, the rivalry is most intense between the Village of 3 Doves and the Village of 5 Seas. The Village of 5 Seas is actually a tiny little village south of 3Doves. Small it may be, but it is much richer than 3 Doves, and has many things that 3 Doves could only dream of having. It can primarily be said that that is the main reason why the chickens of 3 Doves hate 5 Seas so much.

The feeling is mutual though, for once upon a time, many moons ago, 5 Seas was actually a part of 3 Doves. To cut to the chase, an Elder Chicken of 5 Seas poured water over the back of 3 Doves' Chief and Elders. This incensed most of the chickens of 3 Doves (clan lines were another reason too) and 5 Seas was to suffer the ultimate humiliation of being cast away as a rejected community. Not surprising then till this moon that the chickens of 5 Seas still harbour ill-thought and deep hatred for 3 Doves.

As chicken laws would have it, the best way for revenge is to shove things up your enemy's bishop's nose. The Village of 5 Seas thrived, and thrive they did. This of course invoked jealousy from the chickens of 3 Doves village. Jealousy is a bad thing, it causes the chickens' eyes to go green and not being able to see much other stuffs clearly.Therefore, a silent and subconsious hatred was born. On the other hand, while revenge is a dish best served cold, the memory of the past still cannot extingush the flames of humiliation, and it is something that 5 Seas will never put to rest.

The chicks and younger generation chicken are not spared from the surrounding fog of contempt either. Chicks from 5 Seas often view their counterparts as poor and of lower class than themselves. They see a village poorer than theirs and therefore of inferior quality.

On the other view point, chicks from 3 Doves see arrogance and a pampered rich kid when the look in the eyes of a 5 Seas chick. They are perceived to have nothing but greed and materialistic values compounded with an uppity disrespect for lower class under educated chickens.

I recall once seeing a beautiful gracious chicken waltzing right in front of my eyes. Its feathers were silky and black, with tiny beady eyes like pebbles from the heavens. A young cockeral from 3 Doves saw the beautiful chicken and fell crown over claws in love with her. He had never seen her before, and asked her where she was from. The moment she answered, "The Village of 5 Seas" he ran away as fast as his 2 chicken feet could take him.

It is quite odd then that cockerals and chickens of 5 Seas can't seem to mate. As a result, the population of chickens in the Village of 5 Seas is slowly declining. The Chief resorted to many many methods of encourage the chickens to mate, but usually to no avail.

To many, such as myself, the ways and methods of the Village of 5 Seas is kind of........fucked up. Uncomprehensible to say the least. I'll could never understand that Village, and that's all folks, for this time.

*Up next -- Conclusion*

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