Friday, October 15, 2004

the duck story

No, this one is not like the chicken story. I am not obssessed with poultry. But anyways, true story this.

There's this shop in PJ owned by a spinster selling duck rice. (not sure whether its one or two of them. lets just assume there's only one) Most people from PJ would have heard of it. The duck is fantastic, although there's also another of equal standard not too far from it. This one opens for lunch while the other one opens for dinner.

Its good, and on Sunday afternoons, you can see people queing up outside the shop like as though the ducks are made of gold. Very good business. Even on working days.

Now, the problem is, although her ducks are fucking tasty, being a spinster, all the built up sexual frustrations gets to her and makes her fucking grouchy. Sometimes, she scolds customers for changing orders. Sometimes she fumbles the orders and scolds the customers.

My mum and her gang of friends got scolding from her once although she took the order wrong. My mum got pissed off, but kept quiet cause her friend's husband who was treating everybody else to the meal laughed it off. He made a joke about that spinster being too sexual frustrated, like an old maid, so she had to release her tension on her customers. He said he didn't care as long as the ducks tasted good.

One day, my mum ordered a few ducks for my family's Chinese New Year celebration. There was some confusion with the orders, I can't remember what. My mum might even have been in the wrong, I can't remember. But since when was a customer in the wrong?

Anyways, she scolded my mum in front of all the other customers. My mum got pissed off and told her there was no need to scold customers. My mum stormed out of the restaurant, not before telling her these two sentences :

"I won't starve if I don't eat your duck. And you won't go bankrupt if I don't buy duck from you"


My mum gets the equally good duck from the other shop nearby. She hasn't gotten ill or suffered in anyway from not eating the spinster's famous duck. Neither has the spinster gone bankrupt by not getting business from my mum. You can still see loads of people there every lunch time.

True story this.

*Every story I tell has a reason behind it*
*Every sentence I write in such stories has a meaning that can be interpreted*


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