Thursday, October 21, 2004

ebay, part 1

If you are jobless, in need of cash, and have a smart business brain, I suggest you go into the E-Bay trading business (if you don't know what E-Bay is, go ask your mum, I couldn't be arsed educating frogs under a glass). E-Bay is filled with morons which have IQ lower than a toilet brush. And it is the general rule of thumb in marketing -- there is a shit load of money to be made from dumb asses.

I had never liked the idea of E-Bay. But I wanted to get tickets to go watch a Corrs concert in 2 weeks time. Being a procrastinator, I never got down to buying the tickets online. When I finally got down to it, the seats were too damn far away for my liking. So, I resorted to searching on E-Bay. To my bloody amazement, it seemed that all the good seats for the concert were on E-Bay.

A particular one caught my eye.

2 Front row seats. Dead centre. £259 with 2 days to go on bidding. (the bid ended at something like £350)

And I thought, FUCK ME! Tickets had a face value of £35 each. But people were willing to pay 5 times the price for a front row seat? Why didn't they go line up at the ticket booth when it first opened?

Then came the interesting part. Horrible seats were selling too. Up to £40 pounds for a rubbish seat with a rubbish view. Still a profit for the seller. Are people that stupid? I finally hit the jackpot. I won a bid for a reasonably good seat.On the lowest tier and quite centralised -- and only for £26.

Brainwaves after brainwaves hit me. Being a smart ass that I usually am, I decided that if I ever had time, I would trade stuffs on ebay. Hell, I thought, if I can't find a job after I graduate, I'll set up my own company to trade stuffs. Was feeling damn proud about myself having thought up an original idea, until I later found out that people actually do that for a living, and there are many such companies.

Still, extra cash is good for anybody. Students like me especially. Working in a restaurant? A bar? Thats hard work man. I could buy concert tickets online and sell them on ebay and make as much money as those guys slogging it out serving beers to old horny men. So, I searched out Ticketmaster, and found out that Westlife were performing in March 2005.

Cool. I'll buy some real good tickets and sell them. Hormone induced harpies love faggot singers. I knew that for a fact. And if Corrs tickets could fetch such a good price, so could these dudes. The original plan was to buy a ticket, and hold it until February.

I was wrong. I underestimated those phoney Billy Joel wannabes. A concert to be held in 5 months time had sold out most of its good seats. I couldn't get a ticket that I thought was worth selling on ebay. But for curiosity sakes, I decided to search ebay for Westlife tickets. I didn't expect to get many hits for it since the concert was a long long time away.

Again, I was wrong.

Search came back with more than 200 hits. To think that Corrs only had around 70 hits, this was amusing me over more. Firstly, I thought that some buyers on ebay were stupid. Then I realised, even the sellers were clearly not thinking straight.

A concert due to be held in March and people are selling tickets in October? What the fuck? Surely the tickets would be worth MUCH MORE in February when they start getting desperate? Now, people will look at the price and think, nah, I can get cheaper tickets, or better tickets. But in February, when desperation creeps in, they'll put any price on it.

Come on dudes. This is fucking Westlife. Teenage girls are fucking crazy about them. The guys, maybe not so much, but anything to please the girlfriend, yes? And what better a Valentine's Day present than FRONT ROW TICKETS to see Westlife?

If you get £300 pounds for the tickets today, I am damn fucking sure it can go for at least £350 in February. And I figured out that if were to get into this Ebay thingy as a job, I'll end up ruling the place. Its a certainty. Like how I hate ALL TYPES OF IDIOTS. There is no question about it. Its for sure.

Part two : Other Ebay stuffs


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