Monday, October 11, 2004

education 2

Click here to read about my previous article on education. Its not related though.

I have already ditched my anti social behaviour. I am now a very friendly and approachable dude.

Anyways, I am now talking to almost everybody in my hostel. The silly questions have stopped, albeit from a few people. Which is why, in the first line of this paragraph, I said ALMOST everybody.

Now, there are a lot of international students in my halls of residence. Singaporeans, Malaysians, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thais, and of course English. The other day, when I sat at the dinner table, a few of them were already deep in conversation.

JapGuy : Sawasdee.

ThaiGirl : Ni Hao?

EnglishGirl : Konichiwa.

Apparently, they were learing each other's culture and language. So they were teaching each other to say some phrases in other languages. Stuffs like, "How are you?" "I love you" and "You look nice". In short, pussy phrases.

They got it all wrong, and I soon put that mistake right. I mean, that method of learning languages is seriously flawed. You can't expect people to learn a whole new language like that.

So, I told them that I will teach them a few coloquial Malaysian phrases.


Tiu nia seng


Pegi toceng la ngkau


Kepala buto ngkau

Everybody knows that when you want to learn a language, first thing you learn are the holy words.

*I never actually taught them that. I kept quiet and ate while they were learning the stuffs*
*They still think I am a good and holy boy*
*Kinda the same with Dexter's supposed education*
*I reckon I could really teach people a lot of useful stuffs if I wanted to*


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