Tuesday, October 05, 2004


No, I am not talking about the guy in Petaling Street with 14 toes. That's just mean. And I am not mean. Not at all.

I mean I encounter a lot of people in this situation :

Crazy girl : *screams*
Vincent : What's your problem?
Crazy girl : I am FREAKING OUT. Charles told me that he loves me. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!
Vincent : *kapow* Stop screaming la bitch *kapow*

Faggot boy : *curses*
Vincent : What's your problem?
Faggot boy : I am so FREAKED OUT dude. Fuck man. I think Diane is hitting on me. FUCK FUCK!
Vincent : *kapow* Shut the fuck up la pussy *kapow*

Dumb Bimbo : *looks constipated*
Vincent : What's bugging you?
Dumb Bimbo : I think Jack likes me. I am trying to figure it out. Do you think he does? Should I freak out?
Vincent : *kapow* No, you should get a life *kapow*

If there's something that makes my blood boil (and consequently vapourise) is that stupid term "FREAKING OUT".

Hey fuck. You've got a brain don't you? You can think, yes? If you answered NO, on either one, my condolences, and get the fuck off my blog now.

If its yes, then why the fuck can't you sit down and think what to do instead of screaming and acting like as though you woke up and found that you have both a dick and a pussy. What's this "freaking out" thingy all about then?

We have the ability to rationalise things. Freaking out only happens when you can't think of what to do, like what do you do when you find both a dick and a pussy down there? Those cases are acceptable. Otherwise, shut the fuck up and use your brains.

Freaking out = stress -----------> (Equation 1)

Constant stress = die young -=---> (Equation 2)

Die young = Not good -----------> (Equation 3)

Summarising Equations 1 to 3, we can then conclude that :

Freaking out = Not good

People who "freak out" should be called freaks. Not the guy with 3 dicks. Not the cow with 5 legs. These real freaks should be kept in a circus. No, not for display, but for lion food.


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