Tuesday, October 26, 2004

glory hunters

*If you are confused by my terms of Group 1, 2, 3 female football fans and Group A, B, C male football fans, please read this first - Women & Football*

In the wake of yesterday's results, a lot of unknown Manyoo fans have popped out of nowhere.

For the sake of the Group 1 and Group C people out there, a brief roundup. Manyoo, an "ailing team" who only won 3 out of their first 9 league games and scored a grand total of zero goals in their last 2 games played the "great and invisible" ARSEnal who were unbeaten in the last 49 league games scoring something like 29 goals in their 9 games so far this season. Manyoo won 2-0.

I have always supported Manyoo for as long as I can remember, through thick and thin. It therefore pisses the fuck out of me when glory hunters come along. "Fans" who support a team when they are winning, and abandon ship when they are losing. I have seen many such "fans" with Manyoo having an incredibly bad start to their season.

After yesterday's win, a huge number of such fans arose from the ashes of poo. A great big deal of them started gloating about OUR win. Gloating to Arsenal fans about how WE are a great team. Mostly Group 2 girls. Girls who had never watched a single Manyoo game this year went out to some place in Bangsar or Hartamas, watched the game, didn't understand shits, and came home happy. WE won? Fuck. I don't remember seeing you on the pitch playing.

"Ooooohhhh.....Ronaldo! He's soooooo good."

Fuck you cunt. He played shits. Ashley Cole kicked his fucking ass.

Stop gloating. Stop pissing the fuck out of me.


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