Wednesday, October 20, 2004

moral dilemma

Let's say, some bastard pissed the fuck out of you. Well, ok, maybe he didn't really piss me off. What if he inconveniently shoved his arsehole into my business?

If I were in the mafia, I would kill him. But I am not.

Humiliation is the best way to teach somebody a lesson, yes? But what if he is humiliated so bad that he decides to hang himself? I know I wrote that I support people who want to kill themselves, but moral conscience is too fucked up a thing to ignore.

I have means to do it right now. But I can't decide whether the guy pissed me off enough to warrant a face bashing. Its like blackmail you know. You have to plan it right. You have one and only one trump card in your hand. Do you use it now or save the trump card for later? Or do you even use it if you can win without resorting to such means?

This is ballocks.

Some people need to be taught a lesson. But should I be the one who does the teaching? I'll go to bed and ask Vince. He'll tell me.


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