Sunday, October 10, 2004

palm nuts

In my final year group project, my group has to design a machine which can crush the shells of palm nuts (kelapa sawit) and seperate the shells from the kernal.

The machine is to be used in Ghana in some remote villages where there is no electricity supply. Obviously too, it has to require very low maintainance as the local people would not have the expertise to fix it. It needs to be cheap too, so that they can afford to buy it.

In other words, a machine that doesn't get spoilt, works in rough conditions, and cheap. In engineer's terms -- a perfect machine.

The first obstacle is getting my hands on palm nuts for testing. My 3 English group mates had never heard of it before (don't blame them). So, we probably need to import it from somewhere.

Still, during our group meeting, one of the guys pointed out, "We probably need a whole sackful of nuts." Before he could say anything else, it clicked into his mind what he just said, and we started laughing until our stomachs we aching like crazy. It was so fucking funny, I even heard people on the table next to us giggle a bit.

Immediately after our group meeting, we had to meet our supervisor to report our progress:

Dr Jones : So, where are you guys going to get the palm nuts from?

Vincent : Yeah, we were saying, since we can't get it here, we would probably need to import it from somewhere. *evil grin* We probably need a whole sackful of nuts for the testing anyway.

The 3 other dudes were killing themselves trying to silence their laughter. They were looking at me funny and were trying to cover their faces so that our supervisor wouldn't see them laughing.

This is going to be a cool project.

*If you don't find anything funny about a "sackful of nuts" you are a good pure holy person. You shouldn't corrupt your innocent mind by reading my blog*

*Oh, if anybody out there works for an oil palm processing company, or knows anyone, kindly let me know, I need to talk to someone about some technical details. Save me some reseearch. Haha. Oh, I still need to get my hands on a sackful of nuts too. Anybody know where do I get them from?*


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