Saturday, October 23, 2004


How private is your life nowadays? There are always those kinda shows where you see government agents hunting down a normal civilian and the guy always wonders -- how do they know so much about me? And you used to watch those shows and think, "Nah, thats bullshit. They won't know this and this about me. They don't know who I am."

But nowadays, how much of that is true?

Open google. Type in your damn name. Or somebody's name (a lot of people find my site by typing my name). Chances are, if you have something you wrote or something someone wrote about you, you can find it. Blogs for instance. Its true isn't it? You read a blog, you read a stranger. And people wonder -- how come other people know so much about me?

Friendster. You know it. People use it to find friends. Conspiracy theorists suggest that some intelligence network of the CIA set it up to get a database of people. Can be true. Me, I think Friendster was set up by an Internet porn king somewhere.

You know fake pictures of nude celebrities? On Friendster, you can find a lot of girls who seem to think its a good idea to put out their nicest studio photo. Good idea to attract guys, yes? Yeah, guys with itchy dicks. It also makes it easy for people to take your photo, edit it and paste it on top of a nude model and circulate it around the net.

Friendster is a fucking dangerous place. Government networks to track down people? Why do you need a government network when you have a ready done network in front of your face that tells you what a person likes, what he dislikes, and what his friends think about him.

Paranoid? Maybe.

Possible? No doubt.

If you are one who doesn't really care about privacy, then its ok. But if you really do care, then why the fuck are you voluntarily giving out your information? That's really stupid.


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