Monday, October 18, 2004


Think about it. What is a perfect creation?

I reckon, it is something that can achieve all its purposes of its creation without flaw.

A lot of people choose to say things like :

Nobody is perfect.
Humans are not perfect.
Only God is perfect.


People with that mentality never get far in life. A lot of people justify their mistakes with the sore excuse that they are not perfect.

"We are only humans, we make mistakes"

Ever heard that before? So, you make a mistake, and you blame it on your imperfections? Here's something to think off, why not work to IMPROVE your fucking imperfections and strive to be a perfect creature?

"No such thing as a perfect creature!" I hear you scream. "Nothing is perfect!"

Rubbish. A lot of things are perfect. Created to serve their purposes. Take a look at your desk.

A pencil. First, there was those lead pencils, with a fat piece of lead imbedded into a piece of wood. But then people decided that it sucks. Cause it keeps breaking and constantly needs sharpening. Hence, the creation of a mechanical pencil.

What's wrong with a mechanical pencil? Nothing. I have been using the same mechanical pencil since Form 3. Thats 6 years now. Its not gotten spoilt. I use it everyday and it serves me fine. There you go. Perfect creation.

What else?

An old t-shirt that I now use as a bathroom rag. First, I wore it. When it tore at certain parts, I use it as a rag. When it tears some more and the material becomes fuzzy, it will make a better rag by soaking up more water. See, perfect creation.

So you see, perfection is relative. I say I am a perfect creature. Why am I perfect? Cause I keep evolving. I discover my faults, and evolve to make up and eliminate those faults. I know my strengths, and make sure complacency doesn't weaken them. Hence, I am perfect. You could be perfect too, if you wish.

But then, I hear people screaming, "That's bullshit Vincent. You will die someday. Someday, your pencil will break, and that bathroom rag will tear up so badly that you can't use it anymore. Things will die. That is why nothing is perfect, nothing except God."

Oh yeah? The most perfect thing, God, doesn't die?

Maybe not for you. But for the millions of atheist around the world, tell them that God is alive. Tell that to a dying man who has lost all faith in everything, tell him that God is alive. To you, God doesn't die. To him, God is long dead.

So, what is perfection?

You think about it. I'll tell you tomorrow.


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