Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I meant to write about this a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot.

Anyways, about 2 weeks ago, I went for a student's society's EGM. It was one of the coolest EGM's I have been to. They actually used a OHP for their presentation, quite professional. While waiting for people to arrive, they used the OHP to show some videos. Music videos to be precise.

There were some usual music videos. Some I have seen before. Like there's a Korean (I think) video by Kiss. The song is called "Because I'm your girl." Its a nice song, but the music video has to rate as one of the corniest videos I have ever seen. Hopeless romantics will disagree though.

Anyways, then there came up this Chinese song sung by some guy with the video of course. Now, I don't listen to many Chinese songs, so I don't know much about them. Maybe not even Chinese, the fella might have been a Hongkee or something, I didn't have a fucking clue.

So the singer dude had a typical faggot look I thought. The video showed a close-up of his face. Wow. Smoother than baby's lanjiao's foreskin. Whiter than steamed chicken. His hair also one kind. And the eyes...........oh my god. Its as if he murdered some Milan catwalk model and stole her eyes and used them.

Being ignorant in stuffs like that, I turned to my friend HQ who was sitting next to me and I asked him out loud, " Eh dude, who's the faggot on the screen ar?"

It was a mistake so costly that I would regret it for some time to come.

Because, immediately as I said that, the two girls sitting on my left turned their heads and stared me in the eyes. Their eyes looked dangerous. "What did you say?" they hissed with awesome ferocity. But I was in a joyful mood and didn't get the drift. So I replied even louder than before, "Oh, I was just asking HQ who the faggot on the screen is."

Without blinking again, the bunch of girls sitting directly in front of me turned around and jumped over their chairs, transforming into some skanky harpies (just like in Van Helsing). They rose majestically into the air and formed a circle, hoovering just above my head, ready to attack me at any moment.

The two girls on my left continued to focus their Medusa stare into my eyes. Their pupils turned bloody red and instantly hooked up with my eyes, like lovers staring into each other's eyes. Only problem is, those two weren't interested in love. They wanted to kill me, or at least torture me to make me pay for my blesphemous words.

Within a few seconds, their eyes had stared deep into mind and had already controlled my brain and froze it. Mind control. That was their intent all the while. My mind went into a frenzy as I did not have control over myself. With an instant, the harpies over my head rained down from the ceiling and began attacking me. As much as I wanted to, I could not defend myself because of the mind control.

Even without mind control taking its effect on me, no ordinary guy could withstand the attack of such savage beasts. And savage they were. The harpies immediately went to work. Two of them dived for my pants and immediately tore it to pieces. They looked at my giant sized member and gave as gasp of horror. Not too sure whether it was pleasurable horror though.

Cool, I thought. If they think sex is torture, I will have it anyday. But I was wrong. Immediately, the harpies took hold of my hands and held it apart, some took hold of my legs. The only harpy that didn't do that was a harpy I did not see earlier. Which was surprising at that moment, for she was the largest and biggest harpy around.

She was so fucking fat, I still can't figure out how she managed to fly around. Surely it must strain her wings a great deal. Anyways, horror dawned upon me like a child realising for the first time that he would get punished if he was naughty. The fat bitch was preparing to rape me.

She thrust her fatty thighs around my waist and took hold of my giant tool trying to insert it into her fat infested body. The fats were all around me. I couldn't see anything. Her two big blobs of natural fats were in my face and drowning my senses. I passed out.................

It was a traumatising experience for me. Till this day, I thank God for little mercies. Thankful that I passed out half way through the nightmarish ordeal. Thankful that they didn't kill me, although a torture such as that is bad enough.

Later I learned what the faggot's name was. The faggot in the video. The cause for all my problems. Fuck I hate that sissy bapok. The pussy of all pussies. The wanker that caused two girls to resort to mind control. The homometrosexual cunt that caused a bunch of innocent young girls to turn into savage horny harpies.

Jay Chou.

That's what his name was.


confirms my belief that he's evil.

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