Friday, October 22, 2004

totally fucked

No, I didn't have sex.

Played 2 hours of football in the rain and mud. (anybody want to wash my boots and socks for me? I'll pay you.) Then rested for 2 hours. Then played squash for one and a half hours.

You try that then you tell me whether you get fucked or not.

My legs were aching so bad that the minute I got back and sat on my chair, I had a bloody relieving sensation. What kinda sensation, you ask?

Imagine your best ever orgasm.

No, you pervert! Don't start wanking now!

I didn't ask you to have it. I said imagine it.

After that, you are lying on your bed, or backseat of your car, panting and then passing out.

Just before you pass out, you feel satisfied and happy.

Multiply that feeling by 10.

And you still won't feel how I felt just now.

Going to sleep. I'll write about Ebay when I get up.


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