Saturday, October 16, 2004

virus is bad

If you follow my blog closely, you would have noticed me constantly moaning about how fucked up my computer is. In fact, in the space of 3 weeks, I reformatted my comp 4 times. But viruses persist in spite of having THREE anti-virus agents. Since I came back here, somebody on the network had been spreading the virus.

This morning, I was sleeping, some idiot called me :

Guy : Hi, I am from SNS (Student Network Services). Do you know your computer is infected by virus?

Vincent : Hmmmmmmmm....

Guy : Not only is it affecting your computer, it is affecting the whole network.

Vincent : (smiles.............cool!!)

Guy : Yeah, you have to disconnect your comp from the network now, otherwise we will disconnect you.

Vincent : Ok.

Guy : Then, bring in your comp to the computer centre and we will get rid of the virus for you for free.

Vincent : COOL!

Guy : Have a nice day.

*I am stuck without a comp for the whole weekend. But they are doing it for me for free. I was about to bring it to a shop for them to fix it for me.*


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