Wednesday, November 10, 2004

camping in bus station, part 1

Went for a Corrs concert last Friday. Everybody asks me, How was it?

Well, it is how a concert supposed to be.

1) Great singers. Bloody hell, do they get any hotter than Andrea?
2) Great atmosphere. A whole bunch of people standing up for the whole concert is cool.
3) Groupies galore.

But theres nothing interesting to tell about the concert except that Andrea is actually damn fucking chune. Oh, but I already mentioned that.

What was more interesting is the concert was in Birmingham, some 1 and a half hours bus ride from Nottingham. Now, I did anticipate that the concert would end late, how late I didn't know. The last train out of Birmingham to Nottingham was at 11.20pm.

Of course, I could have left early to catch the train. But why the fuck pay all that money for a concert if you are going to leave early? Turns out that it did finish around 10.45pm leaving me a shit load of time to get to the train station. But I figured out that there was bound to be an encore performance, which they did. They came out for another two songs, and by then, the last train had long left the platform.

Anyhows, I had already anticipated that, and had already picked up a spot to spend the night.

The bus station.

Unlike the train station, the inter-county buses run throughout the night, although the next bus to Nottingham was at 8am the next morning. Still, the waiting lounge was a pretty comfortable place, open 24 hours with vending machines and even a few Internet points. It had rows and rows of chairs, albeit hard plastic ones. Even had a kebab shop open across the street.

Although a relatively safe place with a security guard there as well, I had no fucking intention of sleeping in a place where around 10 other people were sleeping. I spent the whole night awake reading a book. Sitting in the rows around me (everybody had their own row) , to my best memory :

1) A young German couple who looked like they hadn't showered in years
2) A well dresed man with a briefcase who was sleeping throughout the whole night.
3) An African guy (probably Nigerian--can tell from the accent) who was on the phone the whole night long.
4) A young guy, probably a student.
5) A hippie who looked like a homeless man who had a funny sounding accent that my best bet was that he came from Mars.
6) A ragged looking woman came in about 4am, probably after work in a late night restaurant. I know appearances can be deceiving, but she looked like a tramp. That would be later confirmed.
7) A homeless bum who was obviously not waiting to board a coach, but chose to sleep in the waiting lounge.

*To be continued.....

*Sorry for the infrequent postings. Uni network HATES blogger. It seems to be the only site I have problems accessing from my room. Guess I will have to start blogging from the computer labs now*


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