Friday, November 19, 2004

crazy foreigners

Sometimes, in a foreign land, people experience a clash in culture. They see something new, and in an attempt to embrace every single drop of that new experience, they do things that look odd.

It snowed last night. First snowfall of this winter. Quite heavy too. So, what do we do?

Simple answer. Go out. Make snowballs and throw them at your friends. Make snowmen and take loads of stupid pictures. Fully grown people can actually change into kids when faced with snow. Then, the whitemen around look at us like as if we are some kinda dumbfucks. Strange foreigners, I hear them say.

When I saw my first hailstorm, I happened to be in my room. Pieces of ice the size of pebbles fell from the sky and made a strange sound on the roof. Everybody who was outdoors ran under a shed for cover. Its painful, you know. But me, I grabbed my coat and ran out of my room to feel what it would be like to get hit by a hailstorm.

Out of all this, I have two random questions :

a) Why is a snowman made out of 3 balls when a man looks nothing like that?
b) In England, they do not have rainstorms as heavy as we have back in Malaysia. I certainly have not seen lightning a single time I have been here. So, why don't they go out dancing in the rainstorm the same way we go out dancing in the snow?


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