Monday, November 22, 2004


I have been getting a lot of fucked up dreams recently. Not quite to the magnitude of the SuperAnts dream, but they were nonetheless fucking weird.

Its not as if those dreams were scary or funny. Its not happy or sad. There is no conclusion. Its just damn stupid dreams which don't have any damn meaning.

Like for instance, I had a dream that day then I went down to my hostel cafeteria for dinner. When I reached the serving area, I was suddenly wearing a chef's hat and an apron serving people the food. I remember eating the food while serving it. And thats when I woke up.

There was another one where I made an appointment with my uncle to meet up in the city centre here. He's not my favourite uncle or anything, just a random uncle who stays in Malaysia. The dream was that I was waiting for him for ages, and then I rang him on his mobile phone asking him where the hell he was. His reply : "In Malaysia la, where else?" And then I woke up.

The most idiotic of the lot was last night when I dreamt that I was sleeping (the irony) and somebody knocked on my door. I yelled for the fella to fuck off. A female's voice replied OK. Next thing I know, there was a naked hot brunette standing next to my bed. I asked her what she was doing in my room.

"You asked me to fuck you."
"No, bitch, I asked you to fuck off."
"Oh, ok. Sorry"

And then she picked up her clothes and left. I cursed at her and I went back to sleep (in my dream). And then I woke up (for real).

So, anybody can tell me whats up with all these sohai dreams? People say dreams are a reflection of what you want. But I can assure you, I have no intentions of working serving food in a hostel, I am not dying to meet one of my random uncles, and in real life, I would have fucked that hot brunette girl instead of asking her to fuck off.

Tonight, I will dream of owning a lava lamp.

**I have been told that I am not being my usual funny self as of late.
**I am inclined to blame hormones and that time of the month.
**Oh, sorry, I just remembered that excuse is not valid for people who own a penis.


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