Thursday, November 18, 2004


So, in school, that old fart Moral Studies teacher of yours told you, 'Its good to help people.' A friend in need in a friend in deed. Or so it seems. But how far should we go to help people?

Some people couldn't be arsed to help others if there is nothing in it for them. Others feel that helping people is only worth it if it doesn't inconvinience themselves. Where else, some heroes like to help people no matter what troubles they might bring upon themselves. There is also a theological reasoning for this : I've heard a saying 'God only helps those that helps themselves'.

One fine day a long long time ago, when the Earth had not orbitted around the sun that many times, I met a member of God Fan Club, who knocked on my door and shoved a Holy Book in my hand and asked me to embrace his God.

Nothing has changed since that day, I am still a scum who drinks, gambles and worships bank notes. The only change is now, I religiously follow that above saying - that is I only help people who help themselves.

People always say, hey, if a friend is in trouble, you should be a friend and help him. Thats what friends are for. One time is fine, people sometimes have an error in judgement which lead them to trouble and which is why they need help. But past the second time, they can very well suck my balls before I lend a hand.

What kind of a fucked up friend are you, Vincent? Well, I am a fucker who screens his friends properly. Somebody who repeatedly asks me for help over and over and over again, when they shouldn't isn't called a friend. He's called a leech. I don't need friends like that.

Unfortunately, human nature forces most of us to be nice, so that other people will like us. So that we can win popularity contests. Diplomacy works sometimes. It is necessary, I do not deny it. But sometimes, we all need to pick up our balls and tell people to FUCK OFF AND DIE.

My reasoning is, I help myself. When I trouble, I try to dig myself out of the shit that I got myself into in the first place. Sure, its damn easy to pick up the phone and call someone to bail you out. But nobody but myself got me into shit, so its my price to pay. Unless I can't help it, I wouldn't ask anybody for help in the first place.

And I figured, if I am like that, so can everybody else. But thats not the case. There are leeches. Which unfortunately, there are loads of people around willing to help those leeches. I'll give it to them. They are kind hearted, but why the point in helping assholes who do not deserve help?

This world would be a much nicer place if it were solely governed by my rules.


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