Tuesday, November 30, 2004

international tuition fees

I read an article from a certain infamous whinny Baby (who has a new blog btw) today. Check it out. Or if you are lazy, here's a summary. She is basically complaining about how some governments discriminate against international students by charging them more than local students.

Actually, she's not the only one to complain, I have heard many such complains from other people as well. Here in the UK, tuition fees per annum for international students have to pay around GBP8000 for Arts based subjects and about GBP11000 for Science based subjects. On the other hand, or British counterparts pay between NOTHING to about GBP2000. The fee that they have to pay depends on how much their parents are earning.

Recently, and it is still an issue, the government is trying to rise the tuition fees for local students. It was estimated that the cost of educating each student is around GBP3000 per annum. So, obviously, the government is losing a shit load of money subsidising British students in university. Now, all that extra money has to come from somewhere.

One, the most obvious source would be from the government coffers. That would directly mean that taxpayers have to pay for that subsidy. Actually, that shouldn't be a problem cause they are paying to educate their own youth. But the British also have a big major issue with a lot of shits like their National Health Service (NHS) - waiting in their hospitals is even worse than waiting in our own government hospitals. They also have a lot of shits with the civil service (London's tube is a wayyy fucked up thing that needs a shit load of money to overhaul the whole system). And all that in spite of the fact that the British pay damn high taxes.

The better and more logical option to ensure that the universities don't need so much subsidy from the government is by squeezing that money out of the international students. If their estimate of GBP3000 pounds is correct, that means that 3 international students are actually paying for the fees on behalf on 8 of their British counterparts. Which sounds really fucked up, no?

In exchange, we are entitled to an education and their NHS, which isn't much to shout about. We still have to wait 45 minutes for an ambulance even though you have a concussion and have already puked blood (true story) and queue 3 hours for admission in a hospital, among other stuffs.

But anyways, the point is - what's my take on all this? Why should I pay for the poorer British students who can't afford to go to university?

Well, I don't like any of it. But I understand it. Its not discrimination. Its the most logical action by the British government. You have to look at it from their point of view. Before getting pissed offed, think about it. Why take money from their own people when they can very well squeeze that money out of foreigners? I would do the same if I were in their shoes.


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