Wednesday, November 24, 2004

legendary footsteps

Its hard living in someone elses footsteps. Everything you do gets compared to what the guy did. And he's not just any ordinary guy. He's a legend. He's known for what he does. People still talk about him these days. About what he did, about what he would have done in your position.

You don't get a chance to show people what you can do. You get judged even before you start. Why? Cause The Legend says this. The Legend says that. Cause The Legend takes one look at you and condemns you to incompetence just from the way he stares at you.

What made The Legend who he is? All because of THAT day. He's great, no doubt about that. He did a great job THAT day. Wait, no. He did a fucking great job. But who's to say other people couldn't have done the same?

That's because legends do not create themselves. People create legends. It is the nature of human beings to tell tales - tales of beings greater than themselves. Tales of people doing extraordinary things, things that they can't do themselves. And boy, you should listen to those tales.

Whatever happens - you lose. It doesn't make a difference if you manage to repeat what he did. The point is that He did it before. He did it first. And under adverse conditions. You, you had time to plan it. You had a blueprint for success staring down your face. He had no such luxury.

And if you fail, nobody will laugh at you. In those circumstances, a laugh is not insulting. A laugh is a compliment. It means that you made a blunder, and could have done it if not for that blunder. It means that you still have an excuse for failure.

What's worse that somebody laughing at you in a time of failure? Its when someone looks at you sympathetically, tilting their head to the side while talking at you, giving you a pitiful look. It translates to "Its ok. Nobody expected you to be able to do it in the first place." It means that no matter what you did differently, you'll never be able to change the end result. That's the ultimate insult.

In the perspective of The Legend, nothing can ever happen to taint his image from THAT day. Moments of brilliance, flashes of magic are never born from luck, and never disappear. Neither do memories of it.

And that's why, its good to be a legend. Not a fairy tale, but a legend.


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