Thursday, November 25, 2004

manchurian candidate

I watched the trailer for this show about a month ago and felt that this was a show I had to watch. It looked cool, like an action packed movie about some kind of conspiracy. Well, its about a bunch of soldiers who fought in the Gulf War and they have some weird dreams about people implanting things into them. Think Wolverine in X-Men. Same thing.

I went into the cinema with medium expectations of the movie. I left the cinema thinking, 'What the fuck was all that?'

Look, if there is ever a weird movie, this would be it. If there is ever a movie you could stop half way and think, 'What the fuck is happening here?' , this would be it.

There is NOTHING to review about this movie. After reading this, you think, 'Hey Vincent, what the fuck kind of movie review is this? You suck man.'

Well, those two lines sum up exactly how I feel about the movie.


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