Monday, November 29, 2004

phone crap

I have been listening to Hitz FM a lot recently. Online of course. Only do it when I am in the computer lab, and I plug in my heahphones to listen to music. When in my room, I prefer to listen to my collection of MP3.

Being away from home, my only link with Malaysia is by reading The Star Online. But that's just news. Listening to a local radio does more than that. I learned many new things.....things that taught me that it is unique to be Malaysian. Sometimes uniquely stupid.

The most frequent and irritating advertisement that I heard is that Hotlink advertisement with the Moo-Moo cow thingy. Some stupid bitch complains that another stupid bitch's phone is crazy because instead of a toot-toot ring tone, she hears a moo-moo ring tone.

Ok. What the fuck is this thing with phones these days? What's wrong with the ringing sound of an ordinary telephone? Why is it that for handphones, ring-ring tones are unacceptable? Some idiot came out with the bright idea to introduce more creative music as ringtones. Tunes like Mission Impossible is fine, but its over the top when some phone actually SING. That's just stupid.

Now, not content with selling ring tones to people with too much money, some morons found it a good idea to change what we hear when we call somebody. Look, I want to hear the usual toot-toot....toot-toot when I call somebody. I don't want to hear cows bloody mooing or dogs barking or rabbits having sex.

Why, why, why on Earth do people pay for things like that?

Also, why is it the increasing trend for all phones to come with a bloody camera? Phones are for talking to people. Why the need to put a camera, or a radio to a phone? Its not that I don't appreciate technology. As an engineer, I love technology. But not stupid inappropriate technology. Go develop a thin phone, or a super small phone. But don't fucking try to fit cameras and TVs on to a phone. Since phone makers are so interested in fitting other stuffs into a phone, here's an idea.

Why not try incorporating a vibrator** into a phone? That would bring a whole new dimension to the term 'phone-sex'.

**Don't try to be a smart ass and tell me that all phones can vibrate. Just because it can vibrate, that does not make it a vibrator. Just like, if a donkey fell into a hole, that doesn't mean he's an asshole. Also, just because Jay Chou is a 'good singer', that does not make him any less of a fag.


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