Monday, November 15, 2004

random truths

Sometimes, we say things for fun, or for a laugh. It all seems like a joke, but when you go home, and sit down to analyse it, it all seems so true. Here are two recent examples:

For my project, I have a supervisor and a design consultant. Supervisor makes sure that wedo our work and that the project is running smoothly. Design consultant is a guy who the school hired to help all project students with their projects.

My design consultant is an old man, a professor in his 60's. He looks (and dresses) like a typical old British man. He even wears those pieces of elastic that goes over his shirt to keep his pants up. I believe they are called suspenders? My group mates call him Father Jack. Although I seem to keep calling him Farmer John. Don't really know why. Anyway, we had our first meeting with him just the other day.

Farmer John : So, tell me, what is your main objective of this project?

DinoDude : Erm, to build a machine that cracks palm nuts.

Farmer John : RUBBISH. AquaGirl, tell me what your main objective of this project is?

AquaGirl : Errr, to export technology to be used in Ghana, and thus helping th......

Farmer John : ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH! SnoopyGirl, you tell me what your objective is.

SnoopyGirl : To understand the importance of appropriate technology and to harness our skills in design as well as........

Farmer John : Nonsense.

Vincent : *about to speak*

Farmer John : Correct me if I am wrong, but your main objective for this project is to get a damn bloody high mark so that you all can graduate with a first class honours.

DinoDude, AquaGirl, SnoopyGirl and Vincent nod in agreement.

In the dining room in the hostel just now, I was sitting with a NigerianGuy(NG) and a TaiwaneseGuy (TG). Both of them are classmates, and my juniors. Some girls walk past :

NG : Yauza!!

Vincent : Are you fucking me? That's a feast for you?

TG : *eat eat eat*

NG : Hey TG, you like what you see?

TG : See what?

NG : You interested in any of them? Or any girl here?

TG : What for??

Vincent & NG : Hahahahahaha....what for?....hahahaha...


Vincent & NG : what for?........hmmmm.....good question...what for?


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