Friday, November 26, 2004

something's not right

There's something wrong with the world. Or the world around me, at least. Stuffs like snow dropping in November is weird, but still acceptable. Vincent getting fan mail from Ah Lians is weird, but still welcome (I'll tell you that story another day).

But no,theres been something really fucked up in motion. I think some higher power recently got a sex change and is now a woman. I am talking about the footballing Gods. Zeus, Hades and the likes. What's the problem, you ask?

In my first year here, I stayed in Uni Halls. Moved to a house last year and moved back into halls again for my final year this year. Now, the TV room in halls is called the Junior Common Room (JCR). Theres a mother of a huge 55" TV and a pool table in the JCR. Anyways, in the JCR, the choice of TV programme is decided either by the first person who got there, or by majority. However, football takes precedence over everything. As long as there is a football match on TV, don't fucking hope to watch anything else.

In my first year, every game that was on, the JCR would be packed with people. For big games, people would even sit on the pool table to watch. Most of the international students watched football as well. If a girl came into the JCR asking to switch the channel to some random soap (like Footballer's Wives) she would be faced with a whole room of people laughing at her.

This year, its all different. Its been more than once when people were watching things other than football. Unheard of, I thought. But that was the first week, and I figured, never mind, stupid freshers will learn in time. It did not get any better. The other day, there were only THREE of us watching a game. A group of chicks came in and since they were majority, they switched it to some sohai show called Little Britian.

I am the ONLY international student who watches football. Which is fucking weird. Its fucking football! The only wankers who don't watch football are the Americans for fucks sake! Well, they do watch football, but to them its a game played with the hand. Anyways, that's not the point. Its sacrilageous to the footballing Gods. Theres a perfectly good game going on and only a bunch of people watch it? What the fuck is wrong with the people this year?

The final straw was two days ago. I posted an article about a certain Legend. People thought I was talking about myself and my acheivements. Yes, yes fantastic. I do that all the time. But I can assure you, when I am talking about great things and myself, I do tend to include my name in it.

But for fuck's sake. That was not me. Two days ago, the day I posted that article was the day of Sir Alex Ferguson's 1000th game in charge of Manyoo. And nobody realised that was the reason for the article? That THAT day was that beautiful day in Barcelona. That his legendary status were cemented because of THAT day? Not even the Manyoo fans realised what I was talking about? What the fuck is going on here?

Something's clearly not right here. I am beginning to get really scared of this world. So may weird things......and I don't have any control in it......help...


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