Thursday, November 04, 2004

you ass erections

Oh yay. Monkey face won it. Well, this post was supposed to come before the erection, but my net connection didn't agree with me.

Although I dunno anything about doll face, a change of comedians would have done fine.

Not that my opinion counts in any case, but I wouldn't want to be voting if I could. Who do you choose? Its like if an angel (and a pretty fucked up one) came up to you one day and said :

"You have a choice. Either I poke you with this needle and you get HIV, or I can put some spores in your food and you wake up tomorrow with cancer."

"Oh? That depends....what kind of cancer?"

"Testicular cancer"

Which do you fucking choose??

I told you, democracy is flawed. Big time. In the case of my hometown in PJ, I haven't reached voting age. But come next elections, I would be eligible to choose the moron that would sit in a room with other morons, making decisions that would affect me.

Who do I choose? The incumbant of dinosaur age or the unknown with religious know-hows? Again, faced with a decision akin to the HIV-Cancer choice, I would have to vote for killing myself first.

In other words, skip the option of choosing. That means, I might draw a self portrait on the voting slip, and vote myself. Or draw a picture of a monkey and vote for it. That way, I can make sure that neither moron gets my vote, but I have still performed the patriotic duty of voting.

Or in the case of the You ASS elections, you could always vote Ralph Nader.


I was hoping that someone who professes to be sarcastic about the infinite things will have some measure of talent with words and insight. It's more a babbling of a fool without an audience.

Ironically, I think the picture of the ape is justly appropriate.


I may be the 'ape' as you rightly pointed out. Well, orang utans are one of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom, so that's a compliment I reckon. However, please look again to see what the orang utan is trying to tell you.

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