Monday, December 13, 2004

bad salesman

I was sitting in front of my computer thinking of something to blog about. I didn't want to blog about my flight back cause theres nothing much to tell. I sat with a bunch of my friends who were sleeping pretty much throughout the flight, so theres no fun story there. So far, nothing interesting has happened since I landed in Bolehland.

As I was saying, I was sitting here thinking about what to blog about when something rang into mind. As in literally rang. My doorbell. As I was walking out to answer it, my big black Chewbakka bitch was barking furiously, trying to ask whoever it was to fuck off.

At the gate was a door to door salesman. He was dressed elegantly with a tie and a white shirt and black pants. Very presentable. Although I question the logic of walking around in the hot sun wearing one of those nooses around your neck. Next to him was a chick dressed in house clothes. Probably his girlfriend or something like that. Very Ahlian looking. She was no taller than his shoulder and was carrying a bottle of water and wearing a pair of minishorts which barely covered her ass cheeks.

The salesman guy proceeded to explain :

Salesman : Hello Mister. We are here to tell you about discount cards.

(Ok, I hate it when people call me MISTER, but I play along)

Vincent : What discount cards?

Salesman : When you buy electronic goods from Kedai Runcit Pak Mamat, you can get a discount.

(Ok, there is no Kedai Runcit Pak Mamat, but it was some crap shop)

Vincent : Oh, I don't want no cards.

Salesman : *Looks damn bloody shocked* You don't want a discount?!?!? Everybody likes discounts when they buy stuffs. Everybody wanted to hear about the cards when I told them.

(Now I am pissed cause the guy lied to me.)

Vincent : Nope. I like buying things for more money. I don't like sales. I like to pay the shop more money.

Salesman : You're weird.

Vincent : Yes I am. Now please don't disturb me. I need to go blog.

Salesman : Blog? What's that?

*Chick whispers something to him*

Salesman : Ok Mister. Thank you. Bye bye. If you change your mind about discount cards, please call me.


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