Friday, December 17, 2004

cultural clash

I was reading my very good friend's blog about an argument she had with her Korean friend, and how the girl got embarassed by such a minor afair. Or, minor in her perception. Actually, there are a lot of stuffs where something is right in one culture might seem totally inappropriate elsewhere.

Its not only limited to those stuffs. For example, different practices which people take for granted might vary with different cultures. Here's a story from school.

During PE (physical education) sessions, we were allowed to play any sport we liked. The most popular being football of course. Everybody plays football. Malays, Chinese, Indians. Everybody who has a dick plays football. Some people with dicks chose to play cricket too, dunno why.

Once in Form 1, while kids were all hitting puberty, while playing, somebody rammed the ball straight at another guy's 'below the belt' area. Not a very pleasant experience I would imagine. Anyway, as the poor bastard was lying down holding his member in all agony, the following conversation took place at another part of the field.

Ahmad : *shouts at the injured dude* OI! Ok tak? Telur ada pecah kah? (Oi, You alright? Are the eggs broken?)

Muthu : Entah dia, nanti kena balik cuba. (Dunno him, he gotta go home later and try)

Ahmad : *walks over to the injured dude* Eh, nanti balik guna sabun cuba, tengok masih boleh pakai tak. (Eh, when you go home afterwards, use soap and test to see whether it still works)

Ah Chong : *puzzled* Eh, Bala, why need to use soap? What's that Ahmad talking about?

Muthu : Dunnolah. Must be some other method.

Ah Chong : Oi Ahmad! Korang toceng guna sabun buat apa? (Oi Ahmad ! Why do you need soap for when you wank?)

Ahmad : Memang toceng guna sabun mah. (Of course you need soap to wank)

Muthu : Huh? Payah ar? Tak payah la..you orang buat apa ni? (Huh? Need soap? I don't think so. What do you do?)

Ahmad : Oi bangang! Engkau toceng tak guna sabun, cem mana nak buat? (Oi idiot! How the hell do you wank without using soap?)

Ah Chong : Tak tau la kau. Tak payah sabun la, you balik try nanti. (I dunno what you do. You don't need it, go home and try later)

And I think the conversation just ended there.

*As with all those politically correct advertisements you see on TV, Ahmad, Ah Chong and Muthu are not actual people, but are a representation of the 3 races of little kids*

It was only much later that I realised why Ahmad needed soap to wank. And if you can't figure out why Ahmad needed the soap but Ah Chong and Muthu didn't, well, I ain't going to explain it to you. Maybe you should be looking at pages like this instead.

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