Thursday, December 30, 2004

enough is enough

Ok. All of you, shut up. Shut the fuck up. I've had enough of this shit already.

Over the last few days, the newspapers have been flooded with stories about the tsunami. Everybody's been talking about it. Even the foreign papers are busy interviewing people and publishing everybody's stories.

Is it just me, or is anybody else sick of all this?

Its been 4 fucking days now. Get on with your life. Its bad enough that the papers have to publish pictures of people crying and stuffs like that, but the one thing that I can't stand is the stories by survivors. Those stories are all the same. Take your pick from any one of these :

1) I was on the beach with my family. I saw a big fucking white wall in the distance. I ran, grabbing my son with me. I got to a safe distance. It was so scary. People were screaming.

2) We were supposed to go diving. At the last minute, we decided to cancel our plans and have sex in bed all morning. Thank God for that, otherwise we might be dead now.

3) I was standing in my hotel room when I saw the wave come crashing down on the beach. People were running everywhere. I wanted to help, but I was helpless.

Shut the fuck up morons. Nothing happenned to you. NOTHING. I don't give a fuck about your story if you escaped with all your limbs intact and your family members by your side. Enough is enough. Enough with morons asking why there weren't any warning systems. Cause tsunamis don't fucking happen here. That's why there's no fucking warning system in place. Isn't it as simple as that? Would you take a pregnancy test if you didn't have sex recently?

Also, I'll pound the next fucker who asks me to spare a prayer for the victims and all. Look, if you are the kinda dude into praying, thats all very good. Isn't a prayer something sincere? If you are praying all day long, then keep it to yourself. I don't fucking need to know. And here's another thought, some of you fuckers only start praying when a tragedy occurs. Hey wake up! Why don't you go pray for world peace, cure for AIDS, eradication of poverty, saving the environment and all those other stuffs?

Know who else I'll pound? The next fucker who asks me to donate money. Donation, like prayer is a sincere act. I'll donate because I want to, not because some fuckers keep pestering me. Those donation things by big companies with huge fucking mock cheques in the newspapers, those are nothing more than advertisements about their companies. Here's a fucking irony. You're donating for a sad cause, yet your smile is so huge, I can fit my ass in your mouth. Have a look at this beautiful picture :

Quite fucking funny that we are giving a million bucks to dead people, ain't it?

And what's this with cancelling new year celebrations? Look, I am not the type who goes out for new year. I spend new year's eve at home watching tv. To me, there's nothing special to celebrate about another year. But surely whether people want to celebrate new year is up to them? If people feel sad then they can stay at home as well. But why force people not to celebrate?

When people die through no fault of their own, its damn sad. But I think we have to sit back and look at ourselves. Learn when to shut up, and move on. The key point here being the "shut up" part.


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