Friday, December 03, 2004

fish taking the bait

Since I was young, my mum would constantly drum one proverb into my head. Well, actually, there were many proverbs, but this one is the only relevant one to my story now. She says, "If a fish doesn't open his mouth, he won't get caught and if a mute doesn't talk, nobody will know he is mute."

In other words, if you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, its best to shut your hole (the one below your nose). A lot of people are stupid, I have already established that, but I won't know whether you are stupid or not, unless you prove that fact to me. In the last 2 days, I have encountered many such occurances.

I have a few optional subjects I can take as a final year student. This one is called 'Combustion, Engines and Power Plants'. As the name cleverly suggests, we learn about those stuffs. Today, there was a field trip to a power plant. Its not a compulsory part of the subject, the lecturer organised it and you could go if you wanted. Or you could have stayed home to sleep.

As you would have figured, I went on the trip even though I prefer sleeping. So here's the thing, field trips like these are not like the field trips you had as a primary school trip. Its not a trip to the zoo where your teacher explains each animal to you and explains to you where each animal comes from.

Industrial site visits are different. You are expected to know what each component is used for. Afterall, that is what they taught you in class. Questions are encouraged, yes. But not stupid questions. You don't study a subject about power plants for one whole semester, only to go to the power plant and ask the Plant Engineer what the gas turbine is used for. Its like going to a swimming pool and asking the lifeguard what the water is used for.

There was not just one idiot who went on the trip. There were a whole bunch of morons who asked a lot of stupid questions. If you are a bad student (like me) who doesn't usually revise their stuffs until 1 week before the exam, that's ok. But when you voluntarily sign up for a trip, then at least do some prior homework. And if you are still lazy to do your homework, then just keep your fucking mouth shut and nod in agreement to everything that the Plant Engineer tells you.

Just now, I was with a friend when a British guy came up to us. From the way the British guy talked to my friend, I think they knew each other.

British guy : Hey, you alright?
DumbAss : Yeah fine.
British guy : Do you want to buy some raffle tickets?
DumbAss : Raffle tickets? But....but...I haven't used a gun before....
British Guy : No mate....I mean RAFFLE tickets.
DumbAss : Yeah, I haven't even seen a gun up close before.
British guy + Vincent : ...........(too dumbfucked to say anything).......

Apparently, the dumbass thought that raffle was something like a rifle. Don't know why he would think that. Just because two words sound almost similar, doesn't mean that they have the same meaning. Like, a blood sucking TICK has got no similarities to a blood rich DICK.

Its actually a simple rule. If you haven't heard of a word before, then have some balls to say that you don't know what the word means. Thats much better than pretending you know what means and then making a complete arse of yourself.

Finally, something from my very extremely good friend's blog :

For me, I started reading the newspapers when I was 10 years old. However, I know a shocking number of university students who still don't read the newspapers, not even the comics. But its not that people tell me, 'Hey, I don't read the newspapers.' Actually, most people prove that they don't read the newspapers like I have shown in the example above.

They try to say something that sounds smart, something that tries to give people the impression that they are very knowledgable, but at the end, it blows up in their face. A lot of people hear a small piece of information or news from their neighbour's son, and try to take that piece of extra knowledge they know to make themselves sound smart.

Yes, the US dollar is not doing very well. Information well sourced from Chua Ah Kow. However, dumbass, the US dollar dropping or raising has got no difference to Malaysian students studying there, cause the ringgit is pegged at RM3.80 to the Dollar. I don't need to say more.

I am surrounded by....idiots....morons....blondes. I need a break....I need to go on a holiday to a deserted island where there are no human beings. Just me and myself.

Moral of the stories : Think before you open your mouth. If your brain doesn't have sufficient power to do the thinking, then don't open your mouth in the first place.


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