Monday, December 20, 2004

a healthy habit

A family friend who heard that my dad sometimes gets muscle aches after playing golf gave him a hand held massager which apparently helps. Supposedly the guy tried it before. I took one look at the thing and laughed. My dad thought I was crazy.

Here's why :

The lines on the cover reads : "Eliminates fatigue & Dissipate muscle ache"

I think they forgot one more important function : "Keeps women happy"

Here's what it looks like after the plastic case is removed :

All you need to do is rotate the purple part a bit and the whole stick starts vibrating furiously. The more you twist it, the harder it rotates.

Who says you can't legally buy a vibrator in Malaysia? It may not be a Rampant Rabbit, but I think it still does the trick.

Actually, those manufacturers weren't lying. It technically is massaging, and I read somewhere that masturbating is healthy cause it makes people happy and improve blood circulation. Also, it does eliminate fatigue. How? After making themselves happy, people tend to fall asleep hence eliminating fatigue.

Smart bastards those guys.


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