Thursday, December 30, 2004

sex and the city

A lot of girls I know love this show.

Which explains the disease that most girls I know have.

I actually heard a lot of hype about this show. Since a shit load of people watch it and I saw previews on it on TV, I figured I watch a few episodes. I even had the the initial impression that it was funny.

So, upon seeing the DVD of Season 1 and 2 lying on the shelf of a friend's stash, I borrowed it to see what the hype was about. So far, every episode I have watched dwells on a certain 'problem' with relationships. It typically exemplifies the fact that men are from Siberia and women are from Timbuktu. Every episode gives an insight into women and their above said disease.

People always say, you should control what kids watch on TV cause it might influence what they do in life. For that reason, violent shows are censored and sometimes banned here. In more liberal countries, those shows are given a high age rating and shown late at night. However, nobody ever figured out that a lot of seriously screwed up women will watch Sex and the City and follow the seriously periody lives of those 4 women. Which then spells trouble for enemy number one - humans with dicks.

In short, this show sucks.


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