Tuesday, December 07, 2004

skin colour blind

Alright, I don't know what the actual term is, but there is a condition I heard of before. Its where people can't recognise people of different races from them. To be honest, I've got real problems recognising black guys. No, not Indians. I mean those African dudes.

To me, they all look the same. All big sized, hair short are stubby, high cheekbones. Hell, they even sound the same to me. Stuffs like that. Meaning that if I witness a murder commited by an African guy, there would be a possibility that I pick out the wrong guy from a police line up.

Today, I occured one such case with a whiteman. There's a meal system in my hostel. For lunch and dinner, there's a box in which there are everybody's meal cards which has their name and photo. Basically, you look for your card, then go into the serving area and give your card to the waiter and then he gives you your food. They collect all the cards and place them into the box again for the next meal. No need meal cards for breakfast.

However, sometimes people have classes which overlap lunch times, in which case you can get a packed lunch (sandwiches, biscuits, etc...) which you need to collect in the morning during breakfast time. And for that, you use your lunchtime meal card, and they seperate your card so that it doesn't go into the box for lunch, and so you can't get a proper lunch for that day once you collected your packed lunch.

I usually never wake up for breakfast cause I have late classes everyday. Today, I woke up around 12pm and went for lunch. I couldn't find my meal card on the table, so I went to the waiter serving food and told the dude that my meal card wasn't there. That guy was new and didn't know who I was. I mean, all the other waiters know me cause I like chatting with them. Anyway, this new guy, who looked a bit gay I thought, he looked at me funny and started to pick a fight.

GayWaiter : Of course your meal card is not there. You took a packed lunch this morning. You can't have hot lunch now.

Vincent : No mate, I just woke up. I didn't come down for breakfast.

GayWaiter : Yes, you did. I remember you.

Vincent : Wot? You've gotta be joking. (I tend to be very polite to the waiters, I like most of them)

GayWaiter : Don't lie, I saw you this morning. You were sitting just there.

*Ok, now the fucker was starting to piss me off. I do bullshit about a lot of stuffs, but I don't lie. I was about to scold the fuck out of him, but another waiter guy came along and told the gay guy to give me the food cause he knows me*

Since its my policy NEVER to fight with waiters cause you'll never know what kinda shits they can put in your food, I walked away with my food. But nevertheless, this proved the above theory. There are only a handful of Asian guys in my hostel. Out of this bunch, only 3 of us wear spectacles. One guy is as white as steam chicken and doesn't look anything like me. The other guy has the same skin colour as me, but he doesn't look anywhere as cool as me. So I don't really know which guy the fucker confused me for.

Possible solutions to the mystery :

1) The gay fucker knows I am homophobic. He doesn't like me.
2) Some other fucker stole my card and used it in the morning.
3) I was sleepwalking, had breakfast without myself knowing, and took packed lunch and ate it in my sleep as well.

That boring story has no ending actually.

*Its 4.30am and I am in the computer lab doing work for my group project meeting in 5 hours time. In the computer lab are 3 other dudes. Two of them look Chinese, and the other guy looks Thai. Only Asians are crazy enough to do work at this kinda ungodly hour. Its actually my fault. I should have done work earlier, but I just came back from clubbing. And instead of doing work, I am blogging.*


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