Sunday, December 05, 2004

thai names

I have a shit load of Thai friends. Loads. However, out of the whole lot, I only know 2 of their full names. Thats because Thai people have bloody long and tongue twisting names. The solution for that - their parents give them a nickname when they are young, and that nickname stays with them forever. Their friends call them that, and they call themselves that. In fact, they seldom ever use their real names unless for administrative purposes, like buying a gun or something like that.

Thai nicknames are cool. Here are some actual nicknames of some of my Thai friends :

X........(yes, thats it. Just the letter X)

Now, before I proceed, I would like to stress again that these nicknames are not like the nicknames that a lot of us had in schools. They are not a mockery, like Froggie, or Steam Chicken or Fat Fuck, not stuffs that their friends use to make fun of them. These are actual nicknames that they voluntarily ask people to call them.

And because most Thais don't understand English anyway, they probably had no idea what their names mean in English. To them, its a name that sounds nice and is something easy that their friends can call them.

And even if they did understand what their names are, some of their nicknames, its just not possible to make fun of. How do you mock a guy called Champ? Or better still, what do you say to a Pipe? Nicknames as I know it are names that relate somebody to something. You call somebody a Goat maybe because he has a prominent goatee. Or you call somebody a Sotong because he is blur. But where did a name like Pipe come from?

These names are damn creative. There's a difference between creative and stupid. Calling yourself Condom or Hulk is just stupid. But I think if you were to call yourself Table, you'll get along fine.

Like Chinese people here :

Dude 1 : Hi, my name is John. What's your name?
Dude 2 : My name is Jin Hock Tan....but you can call me Jin for short.
Dude 1 : Ok, nice to meet you Jin.......

But Thai guys are cooler :

Dude 1 : Hi, my name is John. What's your name?
Dude 2 : My name is Pawasdeekrit Srihanlaskeet..
Dude 1 : Err....pawas..dee........
Dude 2 : Oh, just call me Table.
Dude 1 : Table....what table?
Dude 2 : Table...like the one you use to write stuff on, that kinda table. Thats my nickname.

You know who else should learn from the Thais and adopt nicknames?
The Greeks. That's who. Their names are wayyy too long as well.

And you know who else should learn about cool names from the Thais?
Hongkees. That's who. They should learn that giving themselves names like Hilda, Fish and Gigi are FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

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