Thursday, December 16, 2004

victory for adults

As you know, its the school holidays now. Because of that, kids have nothing to do at home. Especially the little ones who are too young to go out by themselves. So, they follow their housewives mum out grocery shopping.

Now, as you all already know, the single most irritating thing I find with small kids these days are their fucking shoes.

Never mind all that, I was pushing the trolley laden with beer and coke out of the aisle. It was quite fucking heavy and the wheels were a bit spoilt. Coming out from the aisle, there was a kid about 7 years old zooming down the main aisle with his rollershoes.

It was like a car accident. He couldn't stop in time and crashed straight into my trolley. Here's the thing. The trolley is heavy, inertia makes it hard to control. So, after he crashed into it, it turned one full turn and smack him again as he was lying on the ground. Needless to say, he started crying as I apologised (I feel like a hypocrite apologising when I don't mean it). His mother looked at me like as though I killed her precious little boy.

I wheeled my trolley away and continued shopping. Let's hope he gets rid of his shoes when he got home.

*I tried to stop*


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