Friday, December 24, 2004


Honestly, I didn't really take Blog Awards seriously. Why? There are too many blog categories around, and nobody can fully categorise them. There are news blogs, what-I-did-today blogs, clean humour blogs, sick humour blogs, advice blogs, stuffs like that.

Its like fruits, there are so many types of fruits, you can't compare whether an apple is nicer than an orange. The only fair comparison is between Fijian Apple and Australian Apple. Kapish?

Anyways, just now, my friend messaged me to congratulate me. What for, I asked. For this :

Asia Blog Awards 2004

I got nominated! Fuck, I don't fucking believe it.

Its under Best Malaysian Blog (obviously), though you might not recognise it, cause my website's name is "...not a weBLOG". I reckon the beginning part got censored. Haha. Besides that, my address wrong, there are two "http" tags in the front.

But still, not complaining. Please click on the above link to vote. You can also vote here.You can submit one vote everyday. Why are you still reading this shit for? Go, go vote now!

Oh, thank you, whoever nominated me. You made me take Blog Awards seriously now. Muahaha.

* there are actually many much better blogs out there, but since they are not nominated, you can vote for me instead*


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