Friday, January 28, 2005

at what cost?

*sensitive post....i ain't scared of flames...but please read 1000 times before trying to flame me so that you don't end up looking like a dumbass*

Anybody who's been alive in Malaysia has probably heard of this show called Sepet which is to be released on February 24. You can check out the website here, and watch the trailer, although I think the trailer is kinda crap.

Its about this 19 year old AhBeng VCD seller (for those of you as blur as my friend Tinkerbell, keep in mind that the term AhBeng only applies for Chinese guys, ok?) So yeah, this AhBeng falls in love with a 17 year old Malay girl. From what I gathered, its a tale about love, and not hate, and there's no theme where race is an issue for anybody.

But then again...its a movie, and movies are idealistic anyway...

Me? Well....I don't really give a shit if the girl is Chinese, Indian, African or Eskimo. Just as long as I don't have to convert to their religion. Let's take the prime example that we are all familiar with. In Malaysia, if you want to marry a Muslim, you have to convert to be one first. I was told, and correct me if I am wrong, that Roman Catholics believe the same as well.

NEVER is a strong and obsecene word that will one day come back to haunt the person who dares utter it. However, not to go so far as that, I would say that I do not forsee myself doing that. Sure, sacrifices have to be made in exchange for happiness. But how big a sacrifice?

Regular readers here might already know...I have problems believing in a religion that I was born into. As are most scientists, I am cynical to everything that I cannot see, or cannot measure its proof. That might be my flaw, but never mind that. It would therefore be an ardeous task to ask me to embrace another religion - and one which asks more of its followers.

Faith is good, but maybe I am too young to embrace it. I do not see myself praying 5 times a day, that's for sure. This might sound fucking ridiculous, but asking me to give up my beer and whisky for a religion is also something I cannot see myself doing. And even more ridiculous might be my love for pork. You may say...hey, loads of Muslims these days drink and never pray 5 times a day as well. Yeah, I had friends in school who never fasted during Ramadhan. I have Malay friends who can down more tequila shots than myself. And for sure a lot of them never bother praying 5 times a day. So....I don't have to stick to those rules if I convert, yes?


I don't see the point converting to a religion if I don't believe in it. There's no point. But, yes Vincent, you scream....there is a fucking point! You get the girl! Yeah, sure. But at what cost? At the cost of converting to a religion I do not believe in, and after that, breaking all its rules? That would be committing the ultimate sin - hypocrisy.

That brings me to another question. After hearing all the great reviews, I went out and bought 'Life of Pi' and struggled to finish reading it. I honestly think that that is one hell of a crap piece of book. There were however two good parts I enjoyed in that book. One is the ending, which not many people get, where Pi presents an alternative view to that story, one that is more realistic and true.

The other, is where the character, Pi embraces 3 different religions. He is extremely staunch in each of the 3 religions and practices all 3 religions piously. When his mentors in each of the 3 religions find out, they get pissed. He then questions, why can't a person have more than one religion. Each religion teaches their diciples to do good things, and to fear God. Why then can't a person embrace more than one religion?

Like I said....every religion teaches you to do good. Every religion that gives a man faith is good. Therefore....I refuse to believe the argument that religions would spite each other for the sake of gaining followers. Which then leads to my question, why does one have to convert a religion for marriage? What if there exists two people whose seperate religions dictate that they must both convert to the other person's religion upon marriage? Shall they sin for love?

Perhaps this would have been better written after I watched Sepet, but seeing as to how that is not going to happen in the near future (me not being in Malaysia)...and its been bugging me since I visited the website, I decided to pose a few questions. I do not expect answers. If I managed to get you guys to ponder my questions, thats good enough a success for me.

But for now, Sepet and its idea is too idealistic an idea for me to consider.


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