Thursday, January 13, 2005

cyclist's observation

My arse hurts. Like as though someone sula me. (I explained to my non-Malaysian friend the concept of sula, she wasn't too pleased. Anybody remember from their school days what it is?)

For the first time in 2 years, I rode a bike yesterday. After being here 2 years, and wanting to get a bike all this time, I finally bought one. Dirt cheap too. But cheap bikes = heavy bikes. And the source of all my troubles, rock hard seats which nearly poked another hole slightly below the current one.

* Slopes are fun for cycling. Down, of course. The face on every cyclist going up a hill is like the expression on a bitch about to give birth to 8 puppies.

* Winds are not good things. Today, I had to paddle my bike even though I was going down a fairly steep slope. That's cause I was cycling into the wind, and it was literally stopping me from moving. Imagine how hard it is to cycle up slope with the wind in your face.

* People don't like it when you ask them to get the fuck out of the way ring your bike bell. They look at you with a face of contempt, also with an expression like the bitch from earlier.

* There are too many stairs around. Stairs should be abolished. They make live difficult for people on wheelchairs. How fucking inconsiderate of normal healthy people not to take into consideration people on wheelchairs. Oh, and bicycles too.

**For the benefit of people not familiar with the term sula, well, its a form of capital punishment in ancient days where they tie a person to a stick in the middle of the town square. They then take a bamboo pole and shove it right up the person's ass. The pole usually comes to an abrupt halt when it hits the skull. How cool is that?


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