Thursday, January 20, 2005

ethical company

I started job applications already as I would be graduating in July. That's how it works here. Companies start looking for people long before they graduate. Anyway, most companies these days don't want to look at your CV. They have an online application form which you have to fill up. It basically asks for all the information you have on your CV as well as ask you random questions about teamwork and all that other crap that the HR people need.

I was browsing through one such company today and was taken aback by the huge starting pay they were offering. I wasted no time, dropped everything else and started browsing through the website. Just before they let you get to the application form, there are a bunch of questions they ask. Its basically telling you, 'Look...you answer these questions, theres no right or wrong, but from these questions, you get the idea what kinda people we are looking for.'

They had questions like ,'Which is the capital city of the EU?' You click one of 4 answers...and another line pops up saying, 'If you didn't know this, maybe you should consider other options. Oh, its Brussels, by the way'. Quite lansi. There was also another one which asked what a leader should do in a given situation. After choosing the answer, another line popped up saying, 'We hope you didn't choose (d), cause then we would want to keep our distance from you.' Like I said, very lansi.

There were a set of questions asking about ethics :

For the record, I clicked (b) and the small paragraph below popped up. I figured both (b) and (c) were right, so I just clicked. They did have many such questions where there were more than one right answer. Apparently, not for this one.

Apparently, these dudes think that while they make a profit nobody loses. The line I underlined says it : '...fair to all parties-our customers, our suppliers and ourselves'. Hmm....one problem, dumbass. You forgot about your competitors.

That question is ended with a trademark lansi line, 'If you're not bothered about compromising your principles, perhaps you shouldn't bother.' Well, for a £30,000 pa starting pay, I'll compromise anything they want me to. (no funny ideas here please)


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