Monday, January 31, 2005


This blog has been in existance for 10 months now. In those 10 months, I have had to endure a lot of questions from my friends and sometimes strangers, about a lot of stuffs on my blog. I figured, if my own friends don't even know me that well....all my other anonymous readers out there won't know as well.

So....I have taken the liberty of interviewing myself. Yups, I asked myself the questions based on what other people asked me.

Why do you blog? I think you have a sad life...

You're just as lifeless if you are reading a blog of a person with a sad life. But anyhows, I blog cause I love writting. I blog cause I am a damn opinionated person, and I need an outlet to tell people my opinions and hopefully re-educate people in my ways. I generally feel that the world would be a better place if everybody thinks like me.

I have toyed with the idea of conquering the world like what Hitler tried. Only this time, I would set up huge concentration camps where I would brainwash people so that they would think like me. But that would be a secondary step that has to wait till AFTER I invent such a machine. Till then, I guess the only way I can spread my propoganda is by blogging.

Why are you such a bitch complaining about everything and everybody that you don't like?

Complaining is good. Unlike you, I choose not to keep my frustrations to myself. My mama always said that a growling tiger is harmless. He growls but seldom attacks people. Its the sleeping tigers you need to be worried about. So, by ridiculously mocking people, I get to live a longer life, unlike some uptight people who stress and die young.

Why is your blog so fucking ugly?

This is my blog, and hence I feel that everything on it should be my work. I hate using blogskins. I hate all those ready made templates with flowers and other gay stuffs on them. And so, this blog is a result of me teaching myself HTML by viewing other people's source codes. I would say its pretty fucking good for a beginner. Besides, why should a blog be judged on how it looks as opposed to what's on it? There are a fucking load of other prettier blogs out there with no where near the quality of words as mine. If you like pretty blogs, bugger off.

Yeah...ok. But why does it have to be red?

Its not red. Its maroon. Would you prefer orange instead? I don't like white backgrounds. And it was a choice between black and pink. I flipped a coin, and it flew majestically in the air and landed in the crack of my keyboard. I then took the liberty of taking the mix between black and pink - maroon.

I sense a lot of sarcasm. Are you always like that?

No. I am only sarcastic when I hear people talking rubbish. Which is most of the time, but not always.

Ok. So why are you so controversial? Do you come up with these controversial stuffs on purpose?

Those stuffs are controversial only for one reason - the majority of the people don't agree with it. The problem is that the majority of people are usually dumbasses.

You write a lot of stuffs condemning women. Why? Are you some sort of MCP?

Actually, I write a lot of stuffs condemning and taking the piss at a lot of other people as well. Its not my fault if your thick feministic head refuses to see through all that. On the MCP part, no, but I wish I was.

I think you are cool. Can I link your blog from mine?

Yes, I think I am cool as well. And yes, you can link me too.

Will you link me in return?

Only if I read your blog and think that you are good enough.

Wow, you are an arrogant prick aren't you?

I don't need you to tell me that. If I wanted to know that, all I need to do is read my own blog.

Can I copy stuffs from your blog and paste them on mine without asking you?

I believe in equality. Will you give me the deeds to your house, the keys to your car, and let me shag your sister?

People tend to have a blogging self and a real self. What are you like in real life?

No. People DON'T have two identities. This isn't a Spiderman comic, you know. What you read is what you get. People tend to write what they feel. That is who they are. And it is up to you to interprete what they say correctly. I am who I say I am, just like Eminem. Its up to you to read my blog and judge for yourself what kind of person I am. Though, its not that I give a shit if you judge wrongly.

Ok, finally...what do you think of hate mail?

I love hate mail. Even more than fan mail. I've had a lot of morons trying to flame me on my blog before, right from when this blog was less than a month old. Farm tales was a story that I wrote in tribute to my first flamer. The latest flamers were a pair of adolescent girls. One was a Jay Chou fan who got pissed that I made fun of her idol, that she turned into a harpy. The other was an uptight Yale student who continues reading my blog till this day even though she professed her hatred towards me and my blog. So, I do tend to get a cool amount of hate from a wide variety of people. Which is good.


May I add one more question?

Which Star Trek species do you think match closest to your character?

- Vulcan
- Borg
- Ferrenghi
- Q
- Klingon
- Romulans
- Cardasians
- Human
- Others (please suggest)


Dude, you've gotta be kidding me rite?

Does my image portray a geek who watches Star Trek? Hahaha..

If there is any fictional character that bests represents me, it would be Calvin from the comic.


HAHAHAH.....I Love your interview man..wicked !

am new.,.,.ergo true... happenchance...alllll of 22? annnnd so much to sat.ayai life i guess, so women and love is a hurdle huh? what's difficult the gender or the emotion?
but then what do I know ?


'But anyhows, I blog cause I love writting.'

I wish more/all people could spell WRITING correctly.


1) Make the blog pink. Please? [=
2) You're just full of yourself, aren't you. But; that's cool. Everyone is. Most just don't admit it.
3) I do think people have a blogging persona and a real "self" but that's just my opinion.

Peace! =D

ps - good read (as per usual) but I'll bet you already knew that.


I like your blog.
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