Friday, January 21, 2005

getting carried away

Every celebrity has their fair share of fans. Its some kinda dependency issue I reckon. The fans need a role model. The celebrity, being famous, provides that shelter which they can hide their inadequecies under. It doesn't matter if the celebrity sucks at what they do, or they take drugs, the point of the fact is that people like other people more famous than themselves. Hell, even more so if the celebrity in question is good, then comes the hero worship.I'll get into that later.

Shakespere, in Romeo & Juliet wrote :"...a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet."

Would it really? The fundamental rule in marketing is the importance of the name..the brand. If you were to rename a rose.....a Sero, would as many people crave it? Why do you buy a Nike, not Adidas? Why do you prefer McD's to Burger King? Basically, you buy something cause other people say its good. You read something cause other people say its good. And you watch something cause somebody gave a damn good review of it.

And so, to my point. Everybody needs a hero to worship. Everybody needs someone to look up to. Everybody wants someone they can point at and say..."I am going to be like that guy someday." And hence, the cult, the fan club is born. Its everywhere. It goes back to the branding principle I pointed out just now. People are good cause other people make them good. Its all a hype. Who's to say which actor is better than which actor? The fans. The bigger your fan club, the better you are.

Every prominent celebrity has their own fan club. The thing with fan clubs is, you know that the majority of them are going to be morons. I already established the fact about the dudes needing somebody to look up to.

And further into my point.........blogs.

Its no different from the rest of the other stuffs. Bloggers have their own fan clubs. Big blogs, with loads of hits have fan clubs. Here's where the dependency thing comes in. I've noticed, people like leaving inane comments for the sake of it. Just so that they can talk to their idols. I kid you not, as a blogger, I love it when I see comments after each article. It shows people are reading my stuffs and have something to say about it. And so far, I am glad that where it stops on my blog. Flamers, I can handle. Flamers, I like. Praise is one thing. Its nice to hear people say, "Man...you write well....like reading your stuffs...bla bla bla." Its another thing when people say,"I can't live without ur stuffs man" and actually mean it.

Healthy discussions are excellent. Whinny dependency behaviour is not. Don't know what I am talking about? Check this out. Wooohooo! Singapore's most famous blogger shuts down! You can skip the whole article and read the last few paragraphs and the comments on that article. I'll fucking put a bullet through my brains before I ever tolerate such comments. Ok, maybe I won't go that far, I'll just disable my commenting system. The irony of stuffs is those same members of her fan club are those that make her shut down in the first place. (btw...I reckon she's bullshitting..she'll be back)

Its not just the lion pretenders. We have it too in our blogging circles. I look at the good blogs and the comments people leave on it and think, damn, some people open their mouths for the fun of opening their mouths. Just so that they can talk to their heroes. Why would people suck up to other people ONLINE? I just don't get it.

And to yet another point.....some heroes get too self-absorbed in the hype that they forget why they became the subject of hero worship anyway. I have read countless blogs articles where the bloggers give advice on writting blogs. They explain the do's and the don'ts. Do this if you want people to read your blog. Don't do this....people get turned off. The adults, of course ask that you choose a nice background and with as little animation as possible. The kid bloggers, however like opt for colourful expressions and mutilate your cursor into a hundred stars. The adult bloggers say....thats not a good idea.

che coglioni che ha questa!.......The balls on that one.

Who the fuck are we to tell people what to do with their blogs? Are we so self-absorbed that we forgot why we even blog in the first place? Isn't it an expression of one's self? Just because you get 500 page views a day, and a ridiculous amount of people commenting about each and every of your article, like a cult, does it give you any right to tell people what's right?

Sure...I don't like reading blogs with a colourful background with teenage girls talking about what they ate for breakfast and the problem they have with their boyfriends. But I sure as hell don't tell them not to do that. Let them do what they want with it. Should you ask people to prostitute their blog for the masses just to gain more traffic?

I remember a couple of adolescent flamers last time who said I won't gain the respect of the blogging community cause of the stuffs I write and the way I write it. I have also read many of those blogging advice sites who say that you need to respect other bloggers and stuffs. Hey, who gives a fuck? I write controversial stuffs cause I like to stir things up and look at things differently. Not cause I wanna get 300 page hits a day. Sure, its nice to see people coming to your site, but why would you give advice to people on what to write or what not to write so that they get more hits?

Which comes to my conclusion. Just because people hero worship you, it doesn't mean people will listen to you. People hero worship you cause of a depend on you...to make their day or whatever shit it is that you do. But that bond stops there.


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