Sunday, January 23, 2005

i take back my words

I was thinking of what to blog about, scouring the net for an article which might piss me off or make me laugh. Besides, I have a damn bad headache from sleeping too much. Anyway, I just had to find something to bitch about.

After more than 2 hours of net surfing and staring at a sometimes blank blogger post screen, an inspiration walked pass my window. Two, actually.

Its a quiet Sunday morning. The sun is shinning, but its freezing outside. Everybody is tucked in bed, probably hung over from the previous night (Saturday marked the last day of exams). The lane/road which my window faces leads directly to the university Sports Centre. Nobody passes by that road unless they were going to the Sports Centre, or came from it. On a Sunday morning, that road is usually deserted.

Which brings me back to my story. There were two chicks, one blonde, one brunette lugging their sports bag with them. Both were equally attractive, and they were walking hand in hand. I know what you are thinking, it doesn't matter - girls always hold hands and walk everywhere anyway. Wrong. I ain't seen English girls holding hands while walking before.

And so..there's 3 rarities going on here.

1) I just mentioned, the only girls who walk around holding hands are Asians. Its rare to see them white girls holding hands. Kissing in bars is normal though.

2) Hot chicks playing sports. And on a Sunday morning on top of that.

3) Well, lets assume that number one is true for a reason. That means that those two chicks are lessies. Which is rare because lessies usually consist of one butch and one dyke - meaning one hot and womanly, the other ugly and manly. So, still on the assumption that they ARE lessies, then this brings a whole new perspective into things.

Remember an article I posted long ago that sparked some major debate? It was about gay marriages and why I don't think it should be approved.

I take back my words. As of this moment, I fully endorse gay marriages. Only one condition. Both GIRLS must be hot.


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