Wednesday, January 19, 2005

lets be politically correct

Stalkers on my blog would probably already know this, I've mentioned it before. I am studying engineering, but the syllabus forces us to study some subjects offered by the Business school. Some are financial subjects, while others are based on management. Its part of this new trend where employers want their staff to everything. Why employ a manager and an engineer, when you can employ an engineer who can manage people as well?

Yesterday, as I was studying for an Introduction of Marketing test today, I found many disturbing sentences in the text book. The whole damn textbook was littered with sentences like 'He/She thinks.......' and '.....he/she would have to...'

This reminded me of another management subject which I had to take in my 2nd year. In the subject's guidance notes for essay writting, there was a particular paragraph which said :

Try to avoid gendered language, such as 'man' instead of humanity, or fireman instead of firefighter; it may require imagination so as not to sound awkward. Sexist and racist stereotyping is unacceptable.

This is bullshit. Absolutely rubbish.

These fucking feminists are getting too much. Its just a fucking language. I don't complain that countries are called 'she'. I don't complain that objects like cars (man's best friend...what do women know about cars?) are called 'she'. And I don't fucking complain that its called Mother Earth and not Father Earth. Its just a language for fucks sake. Fireman, firefighter, what the fuck is the difference? We all know what they mean and who they are.

Moral of the story : Some people need to get laid in order not to feel bitter towards mankind.


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