Monday, January 10, 2005

murderers, you and me

You know how a lot of people are vegetarians?

There are 3 reasons people who don't eat meat:
1) religion
2) health
3) not wishing to murder animals

I have no problems with the first two reasons.

However, I have serious issues when it comes to people who do not eat meat cause they do not wish to kill animals. Which sounds like a stupid reason to me, considering people do not hesitate to smack a mosquito if it bites you on the crotch. But as much as I disagree with those people, I have not been able to find a good enough point to make them shut up.

Its not as though those guys eat a selected few animals only, those guys actually don't eat any animals cause they don't wish to kill lives. Fair enough, I thought, someday 'll think of something to make them shut up.

That day is today.

1) Did any of those buggers realise that a paddy/corn/wheat/potato/vegetable patch is a great big huge ecosystem?

2) Did anybody realise how many rats, snakes, rabbits, earthworms, caterpillars and squirrels live on such a field?

3) Did anybody realise what happens when the farmer brings in a great big fat tractor or harvester to plow and harvest those fields?

Most of the said creatures have a home underground. Which means, when a tractor comes to plow the field, all those poor little creatures staying at home copulating, making hot bunny love, actually get crushed and die. Even if they were above ground, I am pretty damn sure a tractor moves faster than those little rodent feet. How about all those innocent catterpillars waiting to become butterflies. You damn murderers, why would you kill a butterfly?

At least I advocate for cows to be murdered so that it can feed many people. But all those other creatures which died during harvesting died in vain. Nobody even eats them. That's evil, very evil of you vegetarians! I kill things to eat, you kill things for fun.

Haha, now all you reason 3 vegetarians are thinking of a way to justify your actions. But there is no way. So, as Vincent decrees it, you have to eat meat from these days. I shattered your one true believe in life. I feel great.

Oh, an alternative would be growing and harvesting your own vegetables and rice in your backyard. Make sure you don't kill a single earthworm in the process, ok?


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