Thursday, January 06, 2005


Hmmmm....I took an afternoon nap at 3.30pm. Its 10.30pm, and I just woke up. I actually thought I had gone to bed the usual time at night and just woken up the next morning....until I consulted my watch. Fuck. Afternoon naps aren't what they used to be. Must be getting old.

Anyways, as is the rule of thumb, everybody has to make resolutions in the new year. Something about self-improvement, not too sure. Me, I never make resolutions for myself. Improvement is something that should go on all the time, not just the start of the new year. Besides, most people throw their resolutions down the drain after the second week of January anyway.

I know its a bit late, but I am procastinator, and I've been meaning to write this for about a week now :

1) Stop pretending you care. Care, like love is something that you show with actions and not words. Forwarding emails about praying for victims of disasters and putting a fucking cyber flower in front of your cyber nick does not show you care. Asking other people to pray also does not show you care.

2) We love to keep harping about stuffs. Its like a habit, a disease. Something happens and we go on and on about it continuously for weeks. You see it everywhere, in the papers, on the radio, and even get housewives talking about it. And after those few weeks have passed, you hear nothing about it again.

3) Stop moaning about our sports teams. The average Malaysian always feels pissed offed that he is supporting a bunch of losers in our national sports teams. From football to hockey to badminton, we moan the fact that our atheletes suck big time. Maybe supporting a sports team is supporting them through thick and thin? Many guys watch football and support club teams through thick and thin (proof of the fact is that there are a shit load of Liverpool fans around) . Why the ability to pledge allegiance to a club team in a foreign country but not atheletes wearing the colour of your own country?

4) Stop lying about loving your country. Every year, come 31st August, you get kids making the longest flag singing praises about a country they know nothing about. Adults celebrate Merdeka by clubbing in Bangsar and driving home drunk later. Fireworks at 12am on Merdeka day, when the people who should rightly celebrate it - the war veterans - are sleeping soundly in bed. Some celebration indeed.

5) A nation with first class facilities, but third class mentality. Indeed. Before building any more tall buildings, before climbing any more tall mountains and swimming across vast oceans, maybe we should first concentrate on changing our mentality. Like queueing up for the damn bus or LRT. Like throwing rubbish in bins. Like pissing in public toilets the same way we piss in our house toilets. Maybe after that, it would be a prouder acheivement to build tall buildings again.

6) Stop bitching about your race and its problems. We all know that this is one problem which cannot be solved by complaining about it. The fact that complaining about it gets you into deep shit and causes more problems doesn't stop some people from dwelving into the issue. But why does everything pertaining to racial issues have to be taken so seriously? Maybe its time we learn to accept the stereotypical jokes as they come. Maybe its all a joke which would be funnier if we learn to laugh a bit more.


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