Friday, January 14, 2005

simple solutions

Malaysians and Singaporeans have a great rivalry. Its a known fact. We don't hate each other (well sometimes some people do) but its damn fun making fun of the other kind. Singaporeans especially. I've blogged on this topic before.

Anyway, thats not the main story. Three days ago, I got the MSN contact of a school friend I haven't talked to in a couple of years. I added him on my contact list and we started chatting. This friend, Kiasucase (thats his nick alright) was then telling me about his girlfriend :

Kiasucase : She's Singaporean.
Vincent : HOLY FUCK!
Kiasucase : What?
Vincent : Its bad enough you are doing law (as are all the Singaporeans I know), and a nick called Kiasucase, but this is over the line man.
Kiasucase : ............BITCH...........FUCK OFF YOU FUCKING FUCK........
Vincent : Hehehehehe..
(5 minutes silence)
Kiasucase : Sorry...was busy writting a code. Where were we?
Vincent : Was telling you about exams.

This is what happens when guys piss each other off . They call each other names and all is settled. Simplicity at its finest.

But when women fight, (as was confirmed by many independant sources) profanities seldom arise. In fact, the most dangerous type of fight is when they don't say a fucking word. And with the blink of an eye, a friendship is lost. Women tend to keep ill-feelings to themselves, and never forget an argument, sometimes for years. Thats also why some people compare women to elephants, they supposedly never forget. (for some people, there are other reasons as well)

Therefore, we can easily conclude that profanities, especially "fuck" are good in settling arguments.

*Quoting God: "What I just said is true. If you disagree with it, you are wrong."


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