Saturday, January 08, 2005

strong wind

Wind has been preety fucking strong over the last two days. You can call it a gale. Supposedly wind blew at 60mph (96kmph) in some parts of Britain last night. I was sleeping, and as always, I leave my window open. The howling of the wind was so loud, it actually woke me up.

This was not as bad as I recall in my first year, where winds were as strong as 90mph in certain parts of Britain. 90mph! That's 144kmph! It can literally blow someone off their feet. But ok, let's not talk about such adverse conditions.

The wind that blew last night was strong enough to blow any aneroxic girl off their feet. In college, my class had a number of seriously underweight girls. I remember our physics lecturer asking them to eat more before coming to UK cause the wind would blow them off their feet. They didn't believe him. Them, and thousands of other small little girls were in for a big surprise. That's why, women, I didn't ask you to eat until you become an elephant, but for fucks sake, don't turn down a chocolate bar for fear of putting on just a bit of weight!

This morning, the wind still hadn't died down. Being a nutter that I am, I opened the window the fullest it would go. The window in my room is fucking huge, about 3 feet long by 4 feet high. When fully opened, it leaves a big hole in the wall. I figured a little fresh air would be good. The wind blew a lot of leaves into my room. Turns out, it wasn't a really good idea after all.

During the time that I left my window open, I popped my whole head out the window to look at the surroundings. Just then, I saw a small bird (no, not that kinda bird) on the ground. It was about to take flight, when a strong gust of wind blew. The damn bird was attempting to fly against the wind, which wasn't a clever idea. It flapped it wings furiously, managing to lift itself about a foot off the ground. It was still flapping its puny little wings but wasn't going anywhere, if at all, the wind was pushing it backwards.

Frustrated, the little fella decided to fly to the other direction. And so, he figured it would be a good idea to fly with the wind. He flapped a few times, took off in the air, when another gust blew catapulting him like a rocket. I had never seen a bird that size fly so fast before. That sight didn't last long. He moved too fast for his own good, couldn't stop in time, and crashed into a brick wall.

Dumb ass.

I've been looking out my window all day, but I have yet to see anybody with a skirt walk past. I shall wait.


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