Monday, January 03, 2005

what's wrong with you?

Ok, no post for the last few days cause I was busy packing, sleeping and watching the remaining episodes of Sex and the City that were on the DVD I borrowed. Anyways, back in UK now, in my room and very bored.

As is always the case, I am eternally blessed with the curse of having to sit next to freaks on the plane. This time was no exception. Although she wasn't quite like Jabba, this one still had issues.

In fact, this one was far from being a Jabba. She's not exactly an Anna Kournikova lookalike, but I won't kick her out of bed. Oh, but thats not exactly the story that you need to hear. Now, on a 13 hour flight, I do not know anybody who doesn't watch tv. Yes, the shows are crap, but everybody watches TV. You just have to. Its too boring not to watch TV. But this woman didn't watch no shits, and didn't even listen to any songs.

Instead, she spent a great deal of her time reading. What's wrong with reading? Nothing. I like to read as well. I read this month's issue of Newsweek(the one with Badawi - Moderate Muslim on the front cover) on the plane. However, there is a problem a person if she spends the majority of 13 hours reading a book entitled "The Single Issue".

So, what's The Single Issue about? Random peeps at the book confirmed my first impression. Its a self help book that people read to find out what the fuck is wrong with themselves. This book talks about relationships and being single. Apparently, a lot of people feel that its not a very good idea being single, and hence need to improve on that fact. How a book helps you with that, I have no fucking idea.

Actually, its quite a straightforward answer to the question "What's wrong with me?" You actually don't need to read a book to find the answer to that question. What's wrong with you, you ask? For starters, reading a book like that is the main problem with you. Secondly, your next problem is letting people catch you reading a book like that.

I figured a good pick-up line to use. Hey, I can make that book obsulete for you. But I figured, if she's reading a book like that, chances are, she's pretty screwed up in the head. Who know's, what if she keeps a big 20 foot python as a pet?

Self help books are ok. Self help relationship books are not.


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